Topton photographer DJ Siravo was invited by Kutztown Community Library to display her photographs at the library. The exhibit runs through June.

“I have not put anything on exhibit since before COVID so it feels great!” she said.

Describing her artistic style, Siravo said, “I try to tell stories with my photos — local landscapes, animals, fauna, architecture, etc.”

The theme for this exhibit is Black and White Photography.

“Black and white images remove the distraction of color. It allows us to focus on other aspects of the photo. Black and white photos make a statement, not only with the imagery but also with the texture, tone and contrast,” Siravo wrote in the artist’s statement for the exhibit. “Our eyes notice two things when looking at a photo — color and contrast. With no color to view, the eye becomes more sensitive to the sharp contrasts in black and white photos. The lack of color creates a mood.

"The magic of black and white photography is that is can evoke timelessness. Was this image taken recently or years ago?

“Black and white photography will leave you to make up your own feeling about a scene without color to distract you.”

Siravo looks for texture, contrast, patterns, shapes and lines, such as repeating patterns in architecture or nature.

Hoping the public gains an appreciation of the details in black and white photography, Siravo invites the community to explore her photographs to seek and find what is pleasing to them.

She thanks to the library for the invitation to exhibit her photographs.

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