2020 MABA Board Officers

The 2020 Morgantown Area Business Association Board officers are, from left to right, Nora Filmore, Vice President of Events; Lois Ann Mast, Vice President of Membership; Kelly Spica, MABA President; Dave Hinkel, Treasurer; and Luanne Graham, Secretary.

Kelly Spica has been elected as the new President and is looking forward to serving MABA in this capacity. She has been a member of MABA for over 15 years and has served on the board previously as the VP of Events for the past five years.

Kelly states, Members of MABA get to attend monthly meetings to share what they do and network with other business owners and build relationships.

Please share or pick up a printed directory or go online to www.maba-online.com to find local business services you need. We use Facebook to get messages out and advertise events so please LIKE us and FOLLOW us.

If your business wishes to join MABA please contact us. This membership gets you, to mention a few things, access to monthly meetings, summer picnic, a holiday dinner, online and printed business directory exposure, etc.

If you are already a member, thank you for being a part of MABA.

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