When entering the world after high school, many youth experience fear and uncertainty about the future and often receive the typical answers of college and the workforce. Brandywine Heights Area High School opened students’ eyes to apprenticeships, trade schools, and internships during Career Day on Dec. 21.

“At the end of last year we wanted to have the kids have an opportunity to talk to people who have been through similar situations they will go through,” said Career Day organizer Maryann Lambert, a high school science teacher.

Each grade level cycled throughout the building for different presentations. Students not only learned about careers, speakers provided presentations on various topics. For example, Linda Dapic of the National Alliance on Mental Illness gave a presentation on depression and anxiety and Teresa Detweiler gave a presentation on vaping and drug abuse.

Brandywine teacher and internship coordinator Michael Kistler gave a presentation on internship opportunities with different companies. He said that throughout the day visiting employers inquired about students working with them as interns in the future. Kistler spoke of the endless possibilities students have when choosing a specific internship and how new connections are always being made.

Students were also able to make cards for senior citizens, veterans and soldiers as part of Career Day.

“They took this day to, instead of watching movies we’ve seen a billion times, give us the opportunity to learn something new about our possible futures such as apprenticeships,” said Cayden Tester, a sophomore at Brandywine. “They’re putting a lot of effort in with the career cruising mandated by the state and providing more than they need to... Lambert is the best.”

The final group was an alumni panel in the school auditorium. They spoke about GPAs, SAT scores, studying, college living, and other future life milestones students will face. The alumni stressed connections and AP courses from the school because they believed them to be beneficial in the future.

Ethan Strause, a sophomore at Brandywine Heights High School, is an intern for Northern Berks Patriot Item.

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