Fleetwood Area High School business students competed in the virtual Regional Leadership Conference. Three Fleetwood FBLA members received state recognition and will be presenting their Community Service Project to judges at the state conference.

“Overall, I think the Fleetwood students that participated did a really nice job in their events. Almost every student from Fleetwood that competed placed in the top 5 of their event,” said Fleetwood FBLA advisor Kelly Ackerman, business teacher at Fleetwood Area High School. “While the participation was not what I had hoped from my chapter members, I am so happy that those members did take the time to participate. For many, they will be competing virtually in the state competition with hopes of qualifying for the virtual national conference.”

For a three-week period of time from mid-December through early January, FBLA students from across Berks County competed virtually in the regional conference.

“This competition gives students an opportunity to test their skills (whether knowledge or performance) against others from Berks County. Many students have the goal to attend the national competition,” said Ackerman.

Traditionally the competition is held on a college campus one day in December and the students compete. This year, all regions in Pennsylvania were required to hold a virtual conference. This meant that the students had from Dec. 14 to Jan. 8 to take their test online, explained Ackerman.

Many schools, including Fleetwood, tested virtually.

That meant that a parent or guardian had to watch a training video on how to administer the test, the students had to complete an Honor Code, take the test, and the parent or guardian had to submit a form stating that their child did not cheat, she said.

“I am so thankful to the parents for helping their student participate and compete in the competition this year,” said Ackerman.

For events that were presentations, the students had to record their presentation and then a panel of judges scored their videos. And a few events, such as Job Interview, were held via Zoom where the students conducted an interview with business professionals.

“I know that while many of the Fleetwood students in FBLA do not want to actually go into a career in business, many realize that they will be working for a business someday,” said Ackerman. “The skills that many of them learn through being a member are invaluable in helping them prepare for their future success. But so many of these students are driven and are learning so many life skills that will benefit them no matter what their future occupation.”

Winners were announced via a video recording creating by the three FBLA regional officers, who are all from Fleetwood High School. The video was sent to all the schools in Berks County that participated. The top five winners in each event received a certificate and the first place winner also received a plaque.

The top entries qualified to compete in the State Leadership Conference, also being conducted virtually between now and April 13.

“Last year we had a lot of state winners and some of those students are hungry to place the same, if not higher, this year at the state competition,” Ackerman said.

Fleetwood Regional Conference Winners

Team of Natalie Slusser, Elizabeth Miller, and Sadie Eggleston: 2nd place in Banking and Financial Systems

Team of Olivia Downs and Abigail Kile: 1st place in Business Ethics

Jeffrey Davenport: 3rd place in Business Law

Celeste Cook: 4th place in Business Law

Team of Cole Pennypacker, Jack Riffle and Caden Schaeffer: 1st place in Graphic Design

Laura Aulenbach: 4th place in Health Care Administration

Team of Sarah Loeffler and Abby Warren: 3rd place in Hospitality and Event Management

Tyler Reed: 2nd place in Introduction to Business

Rachelle Atchina: 1st place in Introduction to FBLA

Team of Catherine Annabel, Evangeline Crossley and Abigail Koehle: 1st place in Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Julia Kaskey: 1st place in Job Interview

Sacha Joseph: 2nd place in Job Interview

Emily Hayes: 1st place in Journalism

Team of Seamus Cahalan, Ivor Cahalan and Jared Burt: 1st place in Management Decision Making

Team of Kahdajah Weadock and Erica Kratz: 3rd place in Marketing

Team of Maegan Mileshosky and Emily Walbert: 4th place in Marketing

Gavin Milligan: 1st place in Organizational Leadership

Benjamin Dempsey: 2nd place in Personal Finance

Madison Musitano:1st place in Political Science

Jasmine Evans: 3rd place in Public Speaking

Kylie Frain: 1st place in Sales Presentation

Andrew Haas: 1st place in Spreadsheet Applications

In addition, Julia Kaskey will continue to hold the position of Region 8 President for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

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