pet portrait

Kutztown University senior Lauren Edsall memorializing a furry friend for her pet portrait business.

Nothing is as wholesome a gift as a pet portrait. Whether it’s gifted to the animal lover in your life or for yourself, memorializing a furry friend will undoubtedly bring a smile to the recipients face. A portrait can act as an additional way to feature your pet’s part in the family or provide comfort to those mourning a loss.

Originally from Lehighton where her pet portrait business began, Lauren Edsall currently resides in Kutztown as a Kutztown University student. Her hope during her time as a Kutztonian is to make community members the beneficiaries of the joy her portraits bring. And in return, it is Edsall’s wish that the small town will support her small business.

Edsall, age 22, began producing pet portraits at 16 years old. She made her first portrait upon her mom’s request with no intention of her creation becoming a business. In fact, the idea hadn’t occurred to her until her mom posted the portrait on a Facebook fan page for golden doodles on which the post took off in popularity. Her portrait accumulated thousands of likes and the comment section flooded with prospective buyers interested in their own pet portrait courtesy of Edsall.

Edsall offers her portraits in several sizes to fit a variety of frames, which she provides. She also allows customers a choice charcoal and prismacolor portraits. She runs her business entirely from her laptop, which is especially impressive as she does so on top of her school work. So, while shipping as far as the United Kingdom and even Croatia, Edsall is pursuing a Fine Arts degree with a concentration is drawing from Kutztown University. Although her busy schedule might sound daunting, the therapeutic aspect of drawing keeps her going.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to Edsall. In an effort to ensure complete satisfaction, she sends customers updates of their portrait as she creates it. Doing so allows customers to request any desired changes so that the portrait meets their expectations entirely before the sale’s completion. The portrait is then wrapped in foam packaging to protect it from any potential damage. Edsall also provides customers with a tracking number so they may track the portrait in anticipation of it’s arrival.

Despite her impending graduation in May, Edsall remains unsure of what the future hold for her. What she does know for certain, however, is of her passion for both animals and drawing. Regardless of where the post-grad life might lead her, Edsall has no intention of discontinuing her pet portrait business due to the jubilation it brings both her and her customers.

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