The MABA Business Expo has been held annually in May with a variety of businesses renting tables displaying their business, selling items, or bringing their trucks for show.

We moved the Expo inside the past two years to avoid dealing with weather-related issues.

In March 2020, the Executive Board met with Mark Zerr, executive director of Hay Creek Historical Association, to discuss how we could combine our event with their Hay Creek Festival in early September.

Their event attracts thousands of people. The MABA Executive Board has decided to hold the 2020 MABA Business Expo at Joanna Furnace on Sept. 11-13 when they have their usual historic event.

The MABA Business Expo will be held in a large tent accommodating approximately 20 businesses. The tent will be located at a prime site as you come off the parking lot and near the food vendors. More discussion will be made as to how to fill those spaces.

Businesses will be encouraged to rent the space for the entire three days, although we can accommodate those who wish to attend fewer days (but the tables must be filled for the whole event). Vendors would be able to park in a nearby parking area (not be shuttled over by bus).

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