Paisley & Company Bath Boutique & Fragrance Bar, 275 W. Main Street, Kutztown, celebrated its 15th anniversary and store expansion on Sept. 8.

The Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the anniversary and expansion. Owner Joanne Lapic opened Paisley & Company in 2003 and has been a chamber member for the past 14 years.

“We’re happy to be here to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Paisley & Co. in Downtown Kutztown,” said Northeast Berks Chamber Executive Director Lori Donofrio-Galley. “I know that Joanne has a loyal following and it’s a really good example of a thriving small business in Berks County because obviously over these last 15 years she’s grown and expanded. She formulates her own natural products and as a result has a really loyal following of customers.”

Chamber members and customers crowded on the sidewalk outside in front of the store for the ribbon cutting and then filled the store.

“Today, I’m elated. I’m excited and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m proud of my staff, they all worked so hard,” said Lapic between talking to staff members and customers.

The expansion project began Feb. 1 and concluded in June but the project really originated with a conversation between Lapic and her landlord, Maria DiMagio, last fall. Lapic had been in search of a larger space with a Main Street, Kutztown location for some time. When the store front space next door became available, DiMagio suggested Lapic rent that space also. The suggestion of knocking a hole in the wall between the two store properties lead to Lapic leasing both and the expansion project began.

“Throughout there was research and development. Today we launched 10 new products,” said Lapic. “I think the store looks lovely.”

Lapic said Paisley & Co. not only needed additional retail space but also more room for manufacturing. Leasing the store next door provided an additional kitchen and more storage space for products which Lapic said is particularly important when staff members make large quantities for wholesale orders.

“It’s made it a lot easier because we do a lot of wholesale,” she said, explaining that one of the issues they had was where to store products until the entire order is completely made. “Adding another kitchen so that all the hot stuff can happen in one and the mixing stuff can happen in another has been a blessing. It’s doubled our storage space and our manufacturing. Any time you have a horizontal space to put things is a good thing.”

The expansion also includes a larger Fragrance Bar where customers can sample more than 300 scents and create their own customized products.

“We’ve tripled our size from 300 to 700 square feet in retail space. Customers spend more time in the store because there’s more elbow room. There’s more exploration and people are more relaxed. This is all about being a relaxed and nice environment.”

Including Lapic, there are nine staff members. Paisley & Co. makes custom designed body, bath, fragrance, and home products.

“It’s so much fun. What we do makes people feel good here,” said Lapic. “We’re all about creating a really welcoming, warm environment where people can be stress free, relaxed. You don’t have to buy anything. You can open things and make yourself feel good by smelling them.”

Lapic likes being a part of the community and has gotten to know people over the years.

“We have a lot of people that had their birthday parties here as teenagers and now they’re having baby showers,” she said.

Paisley & Co. also donates to various charities, donating to a different charity each week.

“People know that they can rely on us,” she said. “The community thing is great. Making people feel good is great. It’s creative, too.”

Lisa Mitchell is an editor for Berks-Mont Newspapers, covering news and events in the Northeast Berks County area.

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