After losing her job and the pandemic shut down many businesses, Sherri Giacobello opened her own business, Sincerity Massage Therapy in Leesport.

“In a time COVID is causing many businesses to shut down and a lot of uncertainty, I decided to open this business,” said Giacobello. “I wanted to have a job that made a real and direct difference in people's lives. COVID gave me the time and opportunity to make that change.”

Giacobello had worked in corporate America for 30 plus years. After losing her job in 2019, then COVID hitting, it made her rethink what she wanted to do for the rest of her professional career.

“The idea of sitting behind a desk and working for someone else wasn't what I wanted with my life anymore. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help people.”

So at 49 years old, Giacobello decided to go back to school and became a massage therapist.

Initially she planned on working for an existing studio or possibly work out of her home and do home visits.

“Something drew me to call the Schoolside Plaza in Leesport to ask about renting a space and they had a space that was perfect for my studio at a cost I could afford.”

Then many things fell into place to help Giacobello make the final decision to open the studio including support from former colleagues and friends.

“It wasn't my intention to open a studio but things fell into place for me and now I am a business owner and every day I am feeling a great deal of pride in that I can now help people,” she said. “Whether it is muscle issues that need a therapeutic touch or feeling stressed and needing to relax, I am able to provide that to people and it is an amazing feeling.”

Giacobello always had an interest in working with people in a field like this. As a teen she considered going to school for physical therapy but it never worked out. When she learned about the field of medical massage therapy, she decided to look into it and enrolled at the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown.

“It is an excellent school that taught me so much but more than that the teachers inspired me. They taught me that when you have a passion for this career it can take you anywhere. When you have the dedication to help people feel better you will be successful,” she said.

The ultimate goal is to address the areas of the client’s body that are affecting them negatively.

“However it is also about providing an understanding that massage therapy is a huge proponent of self-care. It is not a luxury or a spa experience, it is a necessity,” Giacobello explained. “When you work with trained medical massage therapists, you are working with a partner that will help not only your body but also will provide a time for you to relax and help reduce the stress that all of us are experiencing these days.”

Her hope is to help people by providing a stellar massage experience but also give them a place of comfort and relaxation at the studio, an escape, if only for an hour, from the pressures and stresses of the everyday.

“I absolutely love that each day I work on a client I can lay my head on my pillow at night and I know I made a difference in someone's life,” said Giacobello. “When a client comes in and can barely turn their head because of so much tension in their neck and shoulders only to walk out after the session with full range of motion and knowing I did that, wow... what a feeling!”

Overall Giacobello wants to provide the community a place they can come to for relaxation, relief and rejuvenation.

“I have a very deep respect for our first responders and also the frontline healthcare workers which is why I offer discounts to those in that profession.”

Working alongside her is massage therapist Jennifer Trexler.

“(Jennifer) is an amazing asset to this business. She is dedicated to the same goals as I am and I could not have aligned with a better person to work with me.”

About 60 to 80 people came out to the Grand Opening on May 1 for studio tours, food by The Morning Rush Food Truck and free 10 minute chair massages.

“It was a wonderful day. I not only had over 60 new visitors to tour the studio but also had an outpouring of friends and family who came to celebrate the opening of the studio. I am truly blessed to have the support of my loved ones,” said Giacobello.

“The studio has been embraced by the community. We have met and worked with some wonderful clients. It gives me such hope that we will make a difference in many lives in the months and years ahead.”

Sincerity Massage Therapy is located at 5 S. Centre Ave., Suite A6, Leesport. Follow on Facebook at

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