Imagine 10 grocery carts lined up and packed solid with nonperishable food and toiletry items!

Zuber Realty, Zuber Insurance agents, and student helpers collected donations to benefit Veterans Making a Difference.

Thanks to the generosity of community members attending Boyertown’s recent Philadelphia Avenue Street Fair, the shoppers at Redner’s Market, Boyertown, and the Spring Valley community, Bechtelsville, several agents and student helpers from Zuber Realty and Zuber Insurance delivered 10 grocery carts to Veterans Making a Difference containing 370 rolls of toilet paper; 371 cans of vegetables and condiments; 122 rolls of paper towels; 117 boxes of Mac N Cheese, pasta, or spaghetti; 22 boxes of cereal; 38 bottles of dishwashing liquid; 21 containers of laundry detergent; 32 assorted snack items; plus tissues and napkins; boxes of juice or tea; dozens of shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste products; bottled water and coffee along with over $100 in cash.

JoCarol Zuber of Zuber Insurance and high school students Drevyn Deskie and Zoe Enterline joined Zuber Realty agents Vanessa Deskie, Connie Dolansky, Jody Dolansky, Kathy Morcrette, and Karl Stauffer in the drive.

Morcrette and Zuber Realty owner Rich Zuber collected donations via the Zuber bus in the Spring Valley community. Redner’s shoppers dropped their donations in the designated “donation carts” as they finished their own shopping.

On the day of the drop-off to Veterans Making a Difference, Zuber Realty representatives were joined by several veterans.

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