Frecon Farms has been hosting culinary classes at their Farm Market in Boyertown.

“The purpose of the Culinary Classes is to educate participants on the skills and techniques behind our favorite products — and some items that we just enjoy making — to take home and share with family and friends to create their own memories,” said Josh Smith of Frecon Farms.

Frecon Farms offers Adult Culinary Classes and Kids Culinary Classes, such as cookie making and pie making. All classes include 1.5 to 2 hours of instruction, refreshments, culinary challenge contest, wine (for adults), recipes and participants get to leave with everything they make.

“We’ve wanted to offer this program for many years and finally made a go of it two years ago. It’s done nothing but grow and we couldn’t be happier to share them with our visitors,” said Smith. “We’re in our third year and look to add an educational center to the Frecon Farms landscape in future years. Sharing great experiences around food is what we’re all about.”

Smith said that the classes have grown into a Culinary Class Birthday Party program that has raised the bar even more.

“It’s great to offer something educational for the kids on their special day. Everyone leaves happy. The parties include the cooking class program, education on the farm and growing season, refreshments, egg cracking contest, cake decorating and space for the party at our retail store or in the orchard - depending on season,” he said.

Most kids classes range from 6-12 years of age. Beyond that they are invited to join an adult class.

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