Spaceballs viewing at State Theatre

Class of ‘93 Boyertown friends reunited for a special viewing of "Spaceballs" at The State Theatre in Boyertown on Nov. 23. Left to right: Jessica Grater, Jennifer Cowan, Stephanie Edwards and Aaron Wozniak.

BOYERTOWN — Time is of the essence as they say, and for four friends from the Boyertown Area High School Class of 1993, that time was Nov. 23 at the Boyertown State Theatre.

That is where Jennifer Cowan, Jessica Grater, Stephanie Edwards, and Aaron Wozniak reunited to view the theatre’s special showing of “Spaceballs,” the 1987 Mel Brooks film and “Star Wars” parody (and the group’s favorite film during their high school days).

Although the friends remained close throughout their adolescence, careers and “adult” life inevitably drew them apart. After reconnecting on Facebook about a month ago, they realized seeing the movie at the State Theatre was the perfect opportunity to reconnect.

Cowan (a software engineer), Grater (a lawyer), and Wozniak (a building code official) have remained close to Boyertown after graduating. Edwards, who is now retired from the Army, lives in Ashland, Wis.

The evening was filled with big smiles, fond memories, and lots of hugs for the four friends, who enjoyed the show alongside other area residents for one of the 1980s most iconic comedy films. The State Theatre, which has operated in Boyertown for well over a century, was (and still is) a popular hangout for Boyertown’s youth, and that is no exception for these four, two of whom had their first dates at the theatre as bright-eyed high schoolers.

Those interested in learning more about special screenings or viewing other films at the State Theatre should visit the theatre’s official website at

Since 1912, the historic State Theatre, located at 61 N. Reading Ave., has served as a bastion of cultural enrichment for Boyertown and the surrounding region. Today, the facility is operated by The State Theatre Preservation Society, a non-profit community dedicated to preserving one of Pennsylvania’s most important cultural sites, and ensuring future generations will have continued access to film, performing arts, and arts education. Learn more about The State Theatre Preservation Society at the group’s official website here:

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