Taste of Kutztown Wine, Beer and Food Festival coming June 10

Jason Miller, Topton, serving wine from Antler Ridge Winery in Mertztown to Leo Pedrom, Kutztown, during the 2016 Taste of Kutztown. Kutztown Rotary hosts the 2017 Wine, Beer And Food Festival at Kutztown Park on June 10.

The Taste of Kutztown Wine, Beer And Food Festival is set for its 8th annual celebration at Kutztown Park on June 10.

In addition to the libations, the Kutztown Rotary Club sponsored event will feature locally produced artisan food that pairs with them and the products of local crafts people.

To date, 18 wineries and six breweries have signed up to participate as well as close to 100 vendors of artisan bread and cheese and other food items, crafts, jewelry and other artistic wares.

Vendors will be arrayed in the grassy park under a canopy of hundred year old trees. Classical pianist Dan Becker and blues musician Steve Brodsky will add their talents to the atmosphere and will be followed by an open mic session.

The event will take place from 12 to 5 p.m. Tickets may be obtained online at www.tasteofkutztown.org for $25 until June 10 and may be purchased upon arrival for $35.

“The Taste of Kutztown has been growing rapidly in reputation as well as size over the years,” said Kutztown Rotarian Jim Springer, event organizer. “Area producers of wine and beer are doing pretty much the same thing. I think we are all working at producing the kind of quality that people are beginning to recognize.”

The Taste of Kutztown is Kutztown Rotary’s biggest fund raising event of the year. Profits from these events don’t stay with the club long. They will be distributed quickly to the many projects locally and worldwide that the club and its members support. Local non-profits including fire companies, libraries, scholarship and leadership programs will share in the proceeds.

The Potato Project, which Rotary strongly supports, produces so much potatoes and corn that Berks County food banks have enough for their clients and sometimes some left over in a good year to trade for other food to distribute. International projects such as the campaign to eradicate polio worldwide receive strong Rotary support. Other efforts that will receive a portion of Rotary’s funds include shelter boxes for disaster victims, cleft palate repair, international women’s education, improved water distribution and others.

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