About 3,000 Boyertown 'Bears' came out of hibernation in Boyertown.

Building a Better Boyertown invited the community to its annual Coming Out of Hibernation event for food, family activities and shopping on East Philadelphia Avenue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 17.

“The event is a community celebration of springtime and all of the Boyertown ‘Bears’ coming out of hibernation for the year,” Jillian Magee, Main Street Manager of Building a Better Boyertown said in a release. “After the year we've had, we are ready to get out and have some fun!”

Magee described the atmosphere as “energizing, eager and fun.”

Building a Better Boyertown sent out surveys during the event and afterward to collect the community's feedback and everyone had expressed how much they enjoyed the event.

“There was a unanimous relief to attend something ‘normal,’ to be outside, and to just be near people again,” said Magee. “Building a Better Boyertown was very happy to provide that for the community because we know how hard it has been with on everyone's mental health to be so removed from the community.”

Building a Better Boyertown was not able to host the Coming Out of Hibernation last year due to COVID, so as an organization they were eager to bring this event for the community.

“Everyone had expressed their longing for in-person events, so we did our best while still adhering to the CDC guidelines, including social distancing and wearing of masks.

This event, created to be enjoyed by all age groups and family members, included vendors, entertainers and crafters — all socially distanced to encourage safe precautions, said Magee.

The food was among the highlights. Building a Better Boyertown invited Los Gio’s Smoke and Grill to be its food fundraiser for this event. Food was pre-ordered and picked up during Coming Out of Hibernation. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Building a Better Boyertown.

“The community expressed a desire for Mexican food and we have heard loud and clear! Some other favorites were the different types of vendors and the entertainment,” said Magee.

Vendors included local artisans out with their wares from beautifully handcrafted bouquets to carefully harvested honey.

Entertainment included photos taken with the bear, KooKoo The Cartoon Magician and Elmwood Zoo brought “some lovable friends to talk about how animals hibernate and get ready for springtime,” said Magee.

Also, the Building a Better Boyertown collected funds for The Boyertown Fountain, a project that honors Mary Lou and Charles Haddad for their efforts to improve Boyertown. Three raffles were pulled at the Coming Out of Hibernation Event to win a vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey; a vacation to Disney; or enter to win a Ford F-150 from Fred Beans or choose the $15,000 prize option. To learn more about The Haddad's and the project, go to https://www.boyertownfountain.com/the-cause.

“Building a Better Boyertown hopes that the community knows that we are here for them. Whether it's hosting an event, helping our small businesses achieve their goals, or improving the streetscape, Building A Better Boyertown knows that ‘Everything Is Better In Boyertown!’” said Magee.

For more information, follow Building a Better Boyertown’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Boyertown.manager.

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