The Boyertown Area Historical Society recently welcomed 100 treasure hunters to an old farm in Boyertown for a sold-out metal detecting event.

“Folks came from all over. We had guests from all parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Connecticut and even Texas,” said Luann Zambanini of the Boyertown Area Historical Society. “We all had a great time.” 

Rob Theisen, who has headed many metal detecting events and has been a metal detector for years, led the event at an old farm in Boyertown.

“The folks who love to do metal detecting had a chance to metal detect here, where it has never been done before,” said Zambanini. “I believe most of the people are really big into metal detecting. They travel all over the country to do this.”

Zambanini said that the event served as a fundraiser for the historical society but it was also a great way to learn about the area, “see what treasures they may find that would give us clues to who lived there, what time periods.”

Participants used metal detectors to discover historical items and then dug them up, including a coin, what looks like a pocket watch, a spoon, and tools.

“There are many treasures hidden under our feet,” said Zambanini, finding the discoveries to be interesting.

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