Direct from Kornfield Kounty and live from Virginville Grange, the May 1 Community Night festivities featured Hee Haw inspired acts including community donations, member recognition, hilarious humor, and talented musical entertainment for 320 energized attendants ranging in age from under 1 year to 99!

The family affair generated a community spirit that echoed throughout Virginville Grange Hall as generations of grangers and strangers applauded, celebrated, laughed and remembered together.

Representatives from local non-profit groups accepted the following donations: Community Fire Company of Virginville ($750), Old Time Plow Boys ($250), and Antique Engine, Tractor & Toy Club ($250).

Additionally, through efforts of a benefit bingo this past March by the Community Service Committee of Virginville Grange, $4,000 was raised and donated to Leann Wheeland and family, Hamburg, to assist with medical expenses resulting from an automobile accident this past January in Tilden Township.

Family member Nancy Wheeland genuinely remarked, “The members of Virginville Grange are so talented, hardworking and giving. The ongoing community support over the past four months has certainly made our journey a bit easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

May Lafaver, Shoemakersville, was honored with the order’s annual Granger of the Year Award, an accolade given for faithful service.

Members of Virginville Grangers recognized for their commitment to Grange include the following, 85 years Norman O. Merkel; 75 years Paul J. Miller, Feryl J. Treichler and Jean A. Wetzel; 70 years Janet Christman, Ernest O. Miller and Marilyn M. Miller; 65 years Betty Dreibelbis, Kenneth Fryer, Jean Luckenbill and Doris Schlenker; 60 years Anna Bachman, Coralie Leiby, J. Bruce Leiby, Neil Merkel, Dorothy M. Miller and Anna Mae Weiss; 50 years Carolyn B. Hollenbach and Marilyn R. Miller; 40 years Jan Adam, Deborah Dietrich, Sheila Fisher, Audrey Merkel, Gary Moyer and Harold Reppert; 25 years Derek Schroeder and Benjamin Sonon.

Dressed up in Hee Haw style, members rattled off one-liners and sang familiar songs, modified with a Virginville twist, from the Hee Haw show. “Peace in the Valley” was sung during a memorial service to honor members who have passed away during the past year. A flower was presented by a family member or friend to remember the following members: Lillian (Kunkel) Mengel, Esther (Moll) Stitzel, Paul R. Seidel, Paul F. Stitzel, Richard G. Kershner, Fern (Leiby) Adam, Bradley W. Rahn, Carl S. Miller, John A. Kunkel, and Kenneth G. Fryer.

An incredible ice cream social concluded the celebration and offered an opportune time for fellowship. “This event is the highlight of our year and showcases the essence of the organization’s core of family and community. That’s where our greatness begins. By the hands of our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, that’s how we continue to succeed,” said Henry Seidel, president of the order.

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