Charlie Adams, your columns are excellent and humorous. I look forward to reading them every week. On a less serious note since I am a youngster of 66 years and was told as a child to seek wisdom from my elders.Since the telegraph was replaced with the telephone why are people sending text messages to each other at a higher cost of making a telephone call?

There used to be movies that were in the amusement park arcades that cost a penny to turn a handle and produce motion from rotating still pictures. Movies came from silent films to Cinema scope to I MAX theaters and people are now watching movies on a 3-inch square I-Pod screen.

The hearing aid has been reduced to the size of a dime so people would not be embarrassed wearing one. Now we have people walking around with blue bananas sticking out of their ears.

I can never remember anyone waiting to use a phone at a phone booth. Today, a woman was exiting Weiss 's Market with three people with shopping carts following her and in the doorway she stopped to answer her cell phone. Husbands have to call from the supermarket to see if they were supposed to pick up the brown gravy with mushrooms or just brown gravy and they are not embarrassed to let all others around them hear how de-balled they are. Some one must teach them to make a decision and if the wife asks why didn't you get the plain answer they were all out of the plain so I got the one with mushrooms. If they can't remember what they were supposed to get, pick up the store ad and see what is on sale and you can usually recover that way.

That was part of my military survival training. Oh I forgot you don't have to go in the military today we just keep using the same men over and over again.

Please help a confused kid so that I can understand where this world is heading

Thank you, Bill Madara Gilbertsville

Bill: Thanks for the accolades.

You being, as you say, "a youngster of 66," YOU AINT SEEN NUTHIN' YET!

Just about all of your negative discourse and analysis have been written in one form or another by me over the years.

I'm old enough to be your father. You have 18 years to catch up to me.

I repeat, you ain't seen nothing yet.

You are half-way between adolescence and obsolescence.

I've weathered all the storms. The depression (poor). World War Two (three invasions). Forty eight years in business (retired at 61). Sixty five years married (one son, two grand kids, two great grand girls).

You ask, "Where is the world heading?"

Accept the fact that the world is a madhouse controlled by armed idiots!


Charlie Adams JR.

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