Lolly Lesher of the Kutztown Fair Board said the faces of the fair board volunteers are changing and there are many cool and fun things the many volunteers are doing to make the fair educational, fun and a real showcase.

Lesher said there is a new wave of volunteers and board members that are donating time, energy and talent to make the fair a success.

In the past two years, the Fair Board has welcomed new members Ginger Schappell, Roberta Bronson and Jon Stutztman.

“Each of these volunteers brings life skills that help broaden the look and scheme of the fair. They are family focused and tremendous volunteers that are breathing new life into the 100 year old traditions,” said Lesher. “They have a vision of how the fair can benefit the community and help the community foster a richer family experience.”

Formerly a male dominated board, Lesher said the new women joining the fair board bring a new vision and a willingness to make and create new contests and a more appealing presentation of all the entries.

“They want to build upon the existing displays and presentations and create a more interactive and interesting look for the exhibits. They each bring their energy and enthusiasm and bring along a new group of volunteers and helpers,” said Lesher, noting the changes she has seen include a new excitement for the Kutztown Fair.

“These ladies talk excitedly about their departments and their goals to create new exhibits and activities. It’s great to have so much energy and enthusiasm for the fair.”

Ginger Schappell is the newest member to join the fair board as of March.

“I have grown up at the Kutztown Fair showing my cows since I was 8 years old. Of all the fairs in the area I enjoyed Kutztown the most,” said Schappell, a native of Kutztown and a Kutztown Area High School alumnae.

“I was brought up by two parents who were continually involved in community activities. They set a great example for my sisters and I on giving back,” said Schappell. “I want to help the Kutztown Fair continue to make great memories for the youth of the community and adults alike. My hope is that I will bring some new ideas to the Kutztown Fair and help keep the Fair current.”

The fair board members started that by giving the Competitive Exhibits building a brighter look and changing how they are displaying the exhibits, she said.

Schappell also started an Instagram page for the Kutztown Fair - kutztown_fair.

“Many people connect today with social media. The Kutztown Fair needs to be connected as well,” she said. “We are hard at work promoting the fair through social media as well as trying to capture a broader audience on both Facebook and Instagram.”

Lesher said the Kutztown community can be very proud of this event.

“I hope everyone in the town and surrounding areas come and see all the work and effort these volunteers put into this week long event. Kutztown Fair is all about families and farms and helping each community group such as grange, the music association or various churches succeed,” said Lesher.

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