I'm Tom Peterson - candidate for State Representative and proud to have achieved the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout in my youth. Today my son is an Eagle Scout as well. As Eagle Scouts we both proudly pledge to uphold the Scout Law. I remember it well, including the section on being trustworthy."A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him."

I have never strayed from the values I learned as a scout and that is why I am compelled to refute recent claims made in your newspaper. Sadly, my opponent, Paul Clymer, who loves to have his picture taken with Eagle Scouts, has not learned the values that they aspire toward.

Recently my opponent claimed in The Free Press he didn't question the need for alternative energy. Talk is cheap; the truth is that Paul Clymer has the lowest environmental rating of any legislator in Bucks or Montgomery County. (33 percent according to pennenvironment.org)

Paul Clymer also continues to mislead voters about his record on education funding.

His most recent newsletter (really just campaign material paid for with taxpayer dollars) claims he worked hard with his colleagues to increase education funding.

The truth is that he actually voted against the budget that contained the education funding he claimed to support. He specifically voted against property tax reduction. That's dishonest.

These are just two recent illustrations in the career of an ineffective legislator.

When Paul had power and influence to help our district and our Commonwealth, he squandered his ability on fringe issues with no success. Paul Clymer has now lost his chairmanship of the State Government Committee. He is no longer on the Education Committee. And he has been relegated to the Gaming Committee, where he is totally ignored by a majority of his colleagues.

To cover up Paul Clymer's failure, the Republicans have declared war on the truth.

But voters have a right to know the truth and your paper has a responsibility to publish facts. So let me share a few about my candidacy. I left a successful consulting practice where I saved billions of dollars for HP, VISA, Oracle, Comcast and Verizon Wireless. I left to return to the classroom as a physics teacher. Over 90 percent of my current students consistently go to college with a scholarship.

I know what it takes to build values in the next generation just like I know what it takes to make business more efficient. I have been a Republican and am now a Democrat because I cannot accept the irresponsibility in Washington.

I stand on my record as a successful business man, who decided to give something back by becoming an educator and now am prepared to bring a record of problem solving, success and fiscal responsibility to Harrisburg. And I still remember the values I learned as a proud Eagle Scout. I only wish my opponent shared them.

Tom Peterson Milford township

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