Over the years I've enjoyed reading the question and answer columns in magazines and newspapers. They can be a lot of fun, educational and enlightening.

I thought it's just possible that my readers might derive some pleasure from the following thought provoking listing of celebrated cosmopolitans.

With that said, may I offer a variation on the Q&A theme. In no particular order or subject matter, I've decided to redo this "NOSE IT ALL" column. Let's see how it goes. DID YOU KNOW?:

Lady Godiva's ride created the first "peeping toms."

(More on the little Lady at the end of the column)

John F. Kennedy graduated 21st in his class.

Douglas Mac Arthur graduated first in his class.

Fidel Castro's sister ran a drug store in Miami.

Elvis Presley's twin brother died at birth. Betty Cracker was not a real person.

Bob Hope was once boxer "Packy East."

Shirley Temple received 135,000 eighth birthday presents.

Paul Revere made George Washington's teeth.

Eddie Arcaro was the first to ride 2 triple crown winners.

Carol Channing was the longest playing "Dolly" of "Hello Dolly."

Adolph Hitler was voted "most hated man in history" in seven polls.

Richard Nixon made 4 of the polls, beating Hitler in one.

Winston Churchill was once voted "most beloved" man in history.

Grandma Moses was still painting at 100. President Gerald Ford was a lefty. President Harry Truman-ditto.

O.J. Simpson was once voted No. 1 of "Top Ten Heroes" out scoring Neil Armstrong and John Wayne.

Marion Michael Morrison was a movie stunt man. Later became an Oscar winner as John Wayne.

Sean Connery was once a bricklayer and truck driver. So was Elvis. Johnny Carson was a magician.

Ann-Margret, Sybil Shepherd and Lily Tomlin were high school cheerleaders.

Orson Wells ballooned to more than 300 pounds.

Adam and Eve were the first irresponsible people on earth. (they never married). When they first met, Adam said, "Madam-I'm Adam."

Dick Nixon's "Letter of Resignation" is now worth millions. Jesus Christ couldn't write.

Elvis Presley again: Supposedly died 30 years ago, the same year we sent the VOYAGER to outer planets. Hmm.

Elvis again: Elvis Costello changed his name. He is Declan McManus.

Barbara Walters says, "The hardest thing to do is to be yourself."

Not all celebes were "themselves." One actor had a stage name, a Swiss bank account, an unlisted phone, a private fax number, and an email moniker. One day his agent got him a job but couldn't find him. His real name? Ivan Zybkiqurst.

Speaking of names: I am glad my Mom named me Charles, because that's what most people call me, among other things.

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