A few months ago, I had written about used vehicle after-market warranties. The article was about how they really operate and what they do actually pay to cover the cost of repairs. In the same article I also wrote about our dealing with warranty companies.Well, I would like to share another experience our shop had the other week. Two very good friends of ours, Fred and Wilma, (no not there real names), brought in their daughter Pebbles, (no they do not live in Bedrock), vehicle into our shop for a noise in the engine and for poor engine performance. When they purchased the vehicle, they also bought a Used Car Warranty. They were told it covers everything in the engine and driveline. So, we called the warranty company and got the okay to start the job and perform diagnostic to determine what is causing the problem. Oh, and guess who has to pay for the diagnostic? The customer of course!!

Our tech found the noise to be coming from under the valve cover after taking the cover off, he found a couple of push rods worn. They push against the rocker arm and then the valve in the cylinder heads opens. When we called the warranty company to tell them what we found, they wanted to know if the lifters that the push rod sit in were damaged. So instead of taking the engine apart, we used a camera scope to look inside of the engine. We found no damage. So here is the problem, the warranty company would only pay to replace the push rods and not to reassemble, Why? They don't pay to reassemble anything that was removed for diagnostic. And to top it all off, they would only pay $7.50 for all the push rods that were bad. Problem, is they sell for more than that a piece! When my Service Manager informed the warranty company of the cost problem, they told my manager that is all they are willing to pay.

The saddest thing about this is, Pebbles works very hard at her part-time job and saved her money to purchase her first car. She didn't buy a new car, but Pebbles bought a car that the cigar chewing, used car lot salesman told her was a very well kept car. He may have even told her it was owned by a little old lady in Pasadena, who only drove to church.

Remember, there are some good warranty companies out there. Just try to find out any information about them before purchasing the warranty.

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