"Gear Up Gallery" at the General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum.

A grant from Berks County Community Foundation's Boyertown Area Charitable Program funded the new "Gear Up Gallery" at the General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum.

The Boyertown Area Charitable Program of Berks County Community Foundation awarded $79,600 in grants to eight organizations.

The program’s Advisory Committee, consisting of Boyertown area residents, recently awarded the following grants from the Boyertown Area Community Fund, Boyer Foundation Fund, and the Boyertown Community Center, Inc. Fund, all of which are administered by the Community Foundation.

“The Boyertown Area Charitable Program provides grants to support health, safety, recreation, and other charitable programs in the area served by the Boyertown Area School District,” said Jason Brudereck, Director of Communication for Berks County Community Foundation. “This program supports local nonprofits and their community projects and programs. Each request is evaluated by a committee made up of local residents.”

The program distributes money from funds that were established by Boyertown area residents to benefit their community. These grants were issued in early October; however, the Foundation does not announce this funding grant recipients each return their paperwork required for them to accept the grant.

Almost $80,000 was awarded to Boyertown area organizations for community projects.

• $20,000 to Building A Better Boyertown to create a gathering place around the Colebrookdale Railroad railyard.

• $20,000 to the General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum to support a fire suppression sprinkler system, to aid in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to fund the “Gear Up Gallery” exhibit, which includes flak jackets, Mae West life vests, and AN-6513 parachute harnesses.

• $15,000 to The Salvation Army – Boyertown to purchase a storage shed.

• $7,800 to Studio B for a fine art and book of poetry exhibit in summer 2021.

• $6,000 to the Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service, Inc. to purchase sensory kits for patients with autism.

• $5,000 to the Eastern Berks Regional Police Department to purchase four patrol bicycles.

• $4,800 to the Gilbertsville Area Community Ambulance Service to purchase four ballistic vests and helmets.

• $1,000 to The Foundation for the Reading Public Museum to support the “Feed Their Imagination” program for Boyertown school students.

Berks County Community Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that serves as a civic leader for our region by developing, managing and distributing charitable funds aimed at improving the quality of life in Berks County. More information is available at www.bccf.org.

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