There is nothing like television bringing Americans together. Some shows on TV really make you wonder what the producers were thinking, but "America's Got Talent" is in my opinion good fun.Typically, I am not one to get sucked into a reality TV show week after week, but this show was able to hold my attention most of the summer through two Why, do you ask?

I like the variety. The show is fun entertainment that makes me feel good and makes me laugh out loud. Plus, it encourages American patriotism. The positivist and the drive to be good at something is contagious.

From young to old, people across the nation auditioned for the coveted spot for the live televised competition. Auditions were hilarious. I never knew who was going to cross the stage and what was going to happen on the screen in front of me.

Other than the unusual acts looking for a way to get on national television, there were numerous acts that showed some real talent. I really have to admire those people who devote their lives to dancing, singing or performing. That takes determination, time, money, stamina, emotional and physical strength, and hours of hard work, not to mention the ability to receive rejection time after time yet continue to work toward their goal. I think that is amazing. To see them get this far is I think inspirational.

One of the fun parts of the show are the comments made by the judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff. Either they really love the contestant or they really hate their acts. While Sharon and David always offer a kind word, Pierce is much more brutal. His comments often result in loud boo's from the audience.

Unlike his usual violent day-time talk show, Jerry Springer is the lively host, offering sentimental comments and shouting things like, "This is the best job ever!" and "America is the greatest!" You can't help but feel good.

A few of my favorites are the singers. I like them all. What can I say. The one act that really made me laugh, and the one that Pierce absolutely hated, was the Superstars. What? How do I describe them? They're air-inflated mascots. They dance and bounce and do crazy antics like shoot the duck mascot across the stage.

As the show nears the end, the big question is who will win the $1-million prize and win a spot to entertain audiences in Las Vegas?

I cannot wait to see what is next.

Lisa Mitchell is the editor of The Kutztown Area Patriot. Email her at

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