AMITY >> Citing the high incidence of drivers violating the speed limit in various Douglassville residencial communities such as Greenbriar and Westridge, Amity Police Chief Andrew J. Kensey told the Board of Supervisors on March 15 he is looking at purchasing “traffic educational awareness devices.”

Kensey said the devices — which mount on existing speed limit or stop signs — would digitally indicate a vehicle’s speed and also take pictures of the vehicle’s registration plates.

He cited on March 1 an estimated cost of $4,600 per device, an expense that would be paid from the police department budget.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t allow local police departments to enforce speed limits with radar.

Kensey said the department’s posting on Facebook of the devices resulted in 28,000 views and 132 comments.

“It generates a conversation of what we are going to do,” said Kensey, adding, “which is the gathering of data to deploy police for enforcement in areas of the township that are problematic.”

He said the devices would be located where police “feel speeding is occurring, and move them around as needed.”

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