The Amity Board of Supervisors agreed to look into expanding the Amity Township Waste Water Treatment plant during a Feb. 12 meeting.Additional sewer plant capacity is needed at the Amity Township Waste Water Treatment Plant to accommodate future commercial growth.

The latest report from ARRO, in Reading, Amity Township's sewer consultant, is that the plant is currently closer to hydraulic flow capacity than to organic loading.

Sewer Engineer Michael D. Sassaman, ARRO, said only 271,000 gallons per day remain from the sewer plant expansion and re-rate completed in December 2005.

Equivalent dwelling units totaling 640,000 gallons per day were released last September to developers of sites in Amity Township, and also to the neighboring municipalities of Union, Douglass, Earl, and Oley.

The board approved Feb. 6 for ARRO to update the township's Act 537 Plan (with zoning changes, specifically newly added/expanded commercial areas along Route 422), and prepare a feasibility study proposal to expand the plant.

An Act 537 Plan provides for future sewage disposal for failing septic systems, the needs of the municipality, as well as new development in areas that don't already have public sewers..

The study will determine if the plant needs to be expanded outside of the dyke and onto township-owned land to the west of the plant.

ARRO's plans show the consulting firm would work with township officials to determine the total gallons needed and how best to expand the plant to reach that capacity. That will include surveying municipal neighbors of the sub-regional plant; Union, Exeter, Title game

The Daniel Boone High School basketball team advanced to the Berks League championship game before losing to a power-house Reading team.

"We really need to be sure there is sewer for expanded highway commercial (HC) and light industrial (LI) areas," said Board Chairman Richard L. Gokey. "If we 're not proactive and planning for the next expansion, we 're not doing anyone justice."

The township Planning Commission recently recommended zoning map changes to the board for expanding HC and LI land tracts along Route 422. The larger commercial land tracts could accommodate commercial projects larger than strip malls.

Supervisor Scott Stepp opposed the motion. He said the township should concentrate on identifying and correcting its inflow and infiltration issues (I/I.) One of the inflow issues is leaking pipes.

The township purchased in 2006 two trucks, including a vactor truck, two cameras, software, and computer for $376,624 (from its EDU fund) to inspect and identify broken and cracked sewer pipes.

"I thought the I/I was high enough to reclaim thousands of EDUs," said Stepp. "We 're not holding up development now (by not expanding the sewer plant) and we should spend taxpayers money on I/I."

"We are moving ahead with I/I to free up more space and allow more EDUs," said Sassaman. "We 're ready to go out for bids with the first rehab project (of vitrified clay pipes) in Amity Gardens."

Sassaman said I/I repairs will cost about $500,000 and

$50,000 to $100,000 annually to maintain. He couldn't estimate the number of EDUs/capacity, or of the township's financial return for repaired pipes, but said the repairs wouldn't give "any large scale capacity."

In other business The Amity Fire Department said it wants to hold a Firemen's Carnival at its site this May. Fire Chief Dean Meitzler inquired about necessary permits and noise ordinance restrictions for fireworks, a band, and an outdoor beer garden.

The department's annual Mother's Day flower sale would be moved to the carnival site.

Meitzler said the carnival may be an annual event held at Amity Community Park and in conjunction with the Monocacy Fire Department's chicken barbecue, and also with the Daniel Boone Optimist Club.

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