Keystone Classic Field

Keystone Classic bowling tournament champion Andrew Wessner with Scott Kreider, tournament director.

Andrew Wessner of Sinking Spring dominated the field of 34 bowlers entered in the 11th Annual Keystone Classic bowled at the Keystone Social Club in Hamburg.

He bowled games of 221, 165 and 224 for a 3-game scratch series of 610 coupled with his 142 pin handicap gave him a 752 total. This was his first time entering the tournament and he is the first left handed champion.

Todd Kennedy finished in second place with 565 scratch plus 101 handicap pins posting a 666 total score. Placing third was Nick Sattazahn also with a scratch score of 565 and 79 pin handicap for a 644 total score.

The tournament was run over 4-days with each competitor choosing one day to bowl their 3 games. This handicap singles event was based on last year’s highest Keystone average of each bowler. The 3-game total plus handicap determined how they placed in the tournament standings. There were daily and tournament long prizes up for grabs.

The Keystone Social Club has a long history of bowling dating back to the 1920’. Andy Varipappa, bowling great and trick shot artist appeared there in 1936 for an exhibition and challenge match against club members.

There are only 2 lanes and had used pin boys up until 1974 when automatic pinsetters were installed. Only the last 5 years did the Club start using a lane oiling machine to apply lane conditioner to the lane surface. Previously the lanes were oiled by hand using an insecticide sprayer. The latter method produced 5 perfect 300 games Harry Casper, Dwight Heckman, Scott Kreider and Brian Gerner (2). Bobby Heffner scored a 300 in January 2015 on the newer application method.

Tournament Director Scott Kreider invites anyone to sign up for next year’s installment of this event which is scheduled for Dec. 12 to 15, 2019.

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