They say there are unseen angels among us, but not anymore. There’s an angel in Barto standing on the lawn of artist Julie Longacre.

The 11-foot tall angel was designed by Leonard Miller of Bally. He constructed the angel with PVC pipe for her frame and sheets of white linen for a gown. Together the two artists created the sculpture, lining her wings in light and placing a halo above her head. Miller placed a candle in her hands to light the way for travelers, Longacre says.

“I’ve always wanted an angel to watch over the many people who drive by my studio on Rt. 100. We are all so busy these days, moving from here to there I wanted to do something to make people remember there is someone watching over us,” says Longacre.

She had the idea, but Miller, a master in his own right had the skill and experience to create the angel, she explains.

“He took my idea and developed it into an extraordinary sculpture for the world to see. I named the angel, Jophiel, patron saint of artists. The name means Beauty of God. Standing against the sunset she was beautiful . I watched the cars slow down as they gazed at her. In this busy season, everyone needs to know that there is an angel watching over her,” Longacre says.

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