Recognition of the Berks County 4-H Dairy Club Members 2018 participation and achievements were highlighted during the recent 4-H Dairy Banquet at Virginville Grange Hall.

The Joyce Miller 4-H Career Advancement Award was awarded to Kennedi Cavalier of the Eastern Berks 4-H Dairy Club.

The Joyce Miller Award recognizes an outstanding Berks County 4-H dairy club member for their leadership experiences, participation in club and county events, and community service. They receive an award to be used for higher education, career training or career investment. Kennedi has served as the club president, teen leader and was a PA Delegate to the National Agri-Science Summit. Kennedi said being a teen leader has been the most meaningful part of her 4-H leadership experiences. She enjoys seeing the younger members learn and having fun which inspires her to create more new and fun activities.

The Charles D. Care Memorial Rookie Award is presented to a first- or second-year member from each dairy club for being a “Rookie” of the year.

Each club nominates a member who attends club meetings, participates in projects, helps out at the fair with good housekeeping and participates in showmanship and fitting. This year the clubs “Rookies” were Luke Moser from the Eastern Berks 4-H Dairy Club, Danica Rhoads from the Northern Berks 4-H Dairy Club and Zander Brown from the Western Berks 4-H Dairy Club. The overall county Charles D. Care Rookie of the Year was Luke Moser.

The 4-H members keep records on their cattle all year long and complete either a record book or herd journal to show what they do with their animals. These books are then judged and the top 3 in each division are recognized at the banquet. The 4-H Dairy Record Books were judged by Doris Evans.

The winners were Beginner Division 1st place Rebecca Berger, Eastern Berks; 2nd place Hailey Blatt, Northern Berks; 3rd place Wyatt Lehner, Northern Berks; Intermediate Division 1st place Sarah Berger, Eastern Berks; 2nd place James Moyer, Eastern Berks; 3rd place Peter Rohrbach, Eastern Berks; Senior Division 1st place Paige Bechtel, Western Berks; 2nd place Jason Moyer, Eastern Berks; and 3rd place Isaac Rohrbach, Eastern Berks.

The Beginner 4-H Herd Journals were judged by Carl Brown and the Intermediate and Senior Division were judged by Gary Kurtz. The winners were Beginner Division 1st place Danica Rhoads, Northern Berks; 2nd place Zander Brown, Western Berks; 3rd place Hannah Balthaser, Northern Berks; Intermediate Division 1st place Nicholas Brown, Western Berks; 2nd place Sara Haag, Northern Berks; 3rd place Autumn Gamler, Eastern Berks; Senior Division 1st place Natalie Grumbine, Western Berks; 2nd place Mackenzie Blatt, Northern Berks; and 3rd place Mikayla Davis, Northern Berks.

Officer book awards were Secretary Book presented to Maya Bicksler, Western Berks; Treasurer Book presented to Paige Bechtel, Western Berks; and Scrapbook presented to Eastern Berks 4-H Dairy Club.

Berks County 4-H members were also recognized for their participation in dairy judging at the Penn State Spring Contest, dairy bowl at State Achievement Days and the National 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest, the Pennsylvania Junior Dairy Show, the All-American Dairy Show Showmanship Contest, and as Teen Leaders in the Berks County 4-H Program.

Ayla Blatt, Elizabeth Gross and Isaac Rohrbach all graduated out of the 4-H program this past year. They were recognized and given a small token of appreciation for their contributions to the Berks County 4-H Dairy Program.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Mikayla Davis, Berks County Alternate Dairy Princess and the Berks County Dairy Ambassadors. Mikayla played a left/right game with everyone as well as a dairy quiz with a few 4-H parents.

Program participants included Master of Ceremonies Ayla Blatt and Elizabeth Gross of Northern Berks; Invocation was given by Isaac Rohrbach of Eastern Berks; Pledges were led by the “Rookies of the Year”. The year end slide show was put together by Morgan Kunkel of the Northern Berks 4-H Dairy Club.

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