Packing lunches, checking homework, taxiing kids, attending PTA meetings, going to sports practice parents know all too well the "to do list" expands when the kids head back to school.Before the busy back-to-school schedule starts, take some time to prepare and ensure a less stressful year. Weiman Products ( offers some timely tips to help parents get a jump on the new school

1. Clear year.

out the study:

Whether it is in the den or on the kitchen table, clear an area for kids to do their homework. Remove all the clutter, wipe down wood surfaces with a product that will protect the surface like Weiman Furniture Wipes and stock with pens, pencils, staplers and other necessary supplies.

2. Clean and organize bedrooms: There is nothing worse than your child not being able to find clean socks, ballet shoes or backpacks. Have your children clean and organize their rooms, giving them a short list of the sports gear, uniforms, etc. they need to dig out of their



your closets. ride: Most families spend a lot of time in the car shuttling kids to and from after school activities. Get your kid taxi ready by vacuuming out the sand from the family vacation, cleaning the windows and wiping down leather seats with a product that is designed to clean, condition and protect the leather like Weiman Leather Wipes. Stock the glove compartment with extra napkins, plastic bags for trash, tissues and hand sanitizer.

4. Make a chore schedule: Schedules are typically more hectic throughout the school year for both parents and children. Make a chore schedule for the week to ensure responsibilities are being taken care of in and around the home.

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