After fixing coronavirus infractions, the spirits are flowing once again at the Douglassville Hotel.

The Amity Township restaurant was temporarily barred from selling alcohol last week after being ordered the week prior to close for violating statewide COVID-19 rules.

But a follow-up inspection, done at the behest of ownership, has allowed operations to return to normal.

Officials from the state Department of Agriculture said Monday the restaurant was reinspected Thursday afternoon, and it was found to be complying with COVID-19 restrictions.

An official from the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement said Monday that the Bureau had been notified of the reinspection and has subsequently allowed the Douglassville Hotel to resume selling alcohol.

Owner Alvin Millisock said Monday the restaurant resumed serving alcohol Thursday night.

The restaurant at 8 Old Swede Road was included on a state Department of Agriculture list released last Wednesday of restaurants ordered to close the previous week for COVID-19 infractions.

According to the inspection report, the restaurant allowed customers to drink alcohol after they finished their meals, allowed customers to sit at the bar, lacked proper signage related to COVID-19 safety and were not enforcing a requirement for employees and patrons to wear masks.

Despite the order to close, the restaurant did not shut its doors.

Troopers from the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement visited the restaurant Wednesday evening and informed its owners they had to stop serving alcohol because of the infractions.

The hotel is the most recent of several Berks establishments that have been ordered to close for violating COVID restrictions. Most were ordered closed for violating a now-expired temporary order that banned indoor dining.

Some restaurants that have been ordered to close for violating COVID restrictions, including some in Berks, have refused to do so. The state has petitioned the Commonwealth Court for an injunction and damages against some of the restaurants.

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