Kutztown Community Library Staff member Mary Beth Friedle assists patrons

Kutztown Community Library Staff member Mary Beth Friedle assists patrons checking out books.

Public libraries in Berks will participate in Staff Development Day hosted by Berks County Public Libraries on March 27.

This all-day workshop will hone in on essential skills such as customer service excellence, app navigation, and assisting those struggling with mental health.

“I am thrilled about this opportunity,” said Exeter Executive Director Mallory Hoffman. “It is often times the circulation staff that misses the opportunities.”

Speakers Carrie Turner and Janis Stubbs will start off with a session on providing patrons with a stellar customer experience.

A second speaker, Mike Najarian, will lead a presentation on navigating Polaris and its mobile version, Leap. Polaris is the circulation system used at Kutztown Community Library and other Berks County libraries.

In addition, Amy Groh will teach how to question, persuade, and refer those with suicidal behavior. Groh is the Director of Crisis Intervention Services at the County of Berks Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Department.

“For smaller libraries with limited budgets, opportunities like these provided by the Berks County Library System are a blessing,” said Fleetwood Library Director Carin Mileshosky. “The Staff Development Day will also be a rare chance for library staff members across the county to meet and learn from each other.”

It is vital that staff are trained in order to better serve their community. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

While some libraries will be closed for the Staff Development Day, others will remain open including Kutztown Community Library. Contact your local library to see if they are open on March 27.

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