Property found along roadwayOn Sept. 30, four new heavy cat iron industrial and boxed waffle irons, worth at least $400, were discovered on North Lancaster Ave. near the intersection with Schubert Road. Bethel Township police have secured the same, which had apparently fallen from a vehicle while passing through the area near the village of Bethel.

Former residence doorway damaged

Sometime between Sept. 21 27, unknown individuals attempted to pry open the locking area of a side garage door in a vacant dwelling near Airport Road. The cost of the damage is $25 in an apparently unsuccessful unlawful entry attempt. Nothing was disturbed or taken from the interior of the location.

Items taken from home

On Oct. 1, it was discovered that during a period between Aug. 31 Sept. 3, while owner Susan K. McGuire was away on vacation, unknown individuals removed $230 worth of property from the interior of her residence, including a disc player, chained locket, a women's brassiere, and cookie dough. No forced entry was apparent during the occurrence, which was not reported to authorities until Oct. 1.

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