Churches of various denominations in Birdsboro are putting their different beliefs aside and working together for a community program, The BRIDGE.The BRIDGE (Becoming Relational, In tune, Discipling, Godly Evangelists) is a concept and an acronymn Pastor Don Kerns of the Calvary EC Evangelical Congregation) Church came up with.

'The idea is that we (pastors of different churches) sit in our separate fortresses or denomina-ions,' Kerns said. 'We should lower our drawbridges and come together to show God's love.

'He said The BRIDGE program will also help to build bridges in the Birdsboro community.

The churches and organizations that are working together are Calvary EC, Birdsboro First Church of the Nazarene, Love Christian Fellowship, New First Baptist, St. Mark's, St. Paul's United Christian Church, Love INC (In the Name of Christ), Thunder Outreach Ministries and Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor.

Kerns said a Daniel Boone High School Bible study group may also join the program.

Through The BRIDGE, the members will support each others'events, and the program will expand to include service projects, Kerns said.

The concept of The BRIDGE was created after pastors and leaders in the community met for prayer ministries, Kerns said.

During a meeting in January, the pastors and leaders of the organizations decided to start The BRIDGE program.

Mark Malizzi, president of Thunder Outreach Ministries, a local Christian organizaton, said the pastors and leaders found benefits to working together.

'We found that there were all of these similarities in the challenges the pastors were facing and we thought, 'why don't we work together?'' Malizzi said.

The Thunder Outreach team sees the unity program 'as a way to build a network, participate in community events and something that will have a positive effect on the community,' Malizzi said.

Malizzi said that when the churches work separately, they are weak, but working together will help overcome challenges and make the churches stronger.

Thunder Outreach is also working on a project to improve the Boyertown Inn with repainting and repairing the building.

The Rev. Aaron Durso of Love Christian Fellowship said he and the church members are happy to be working with the o ther churches.

'We're excited to follow the vision Pastor Don had and we feel great about working together,' Durso said. For more information about The BRIDGE, call Kerns, 484-794-3711 or e-mail

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