The follow results are from the Birdsboro Community Center's Men's Basketball League.October 10:

Tim's Ugly Mug got 22 points from Steve Kriczky, which led the team to a 71-56 win over J.D. Sport. Jeff Sowers scored 16 for J.D. Sport.

The the second game of the evening, the Sportsman's Club just got by Maximum security, 47-46. John Peterson scored 12 points to lead the winners, while Dwight White and Kenny Faison each scored 11 for Maximum Security.

October 11

The B-Boys, led by Chad Betts' 28 points, defeated the Sportsman's Club, 78-50. Tim McGee scored 18 to lead the Sportsman's Club.

In the second game, J & B Supply topped Maximum Security, 70-61. Marcus Ricketts was high scorer for J & B Supply with 24 points, while Dante Pegram scored 14 points for Maximum Security.

Justin Farrell scored 10 points to lead the Sportsman's Club past J.D. Sport, 47-40. Jeff Sowers led J.D. Sport with 10 points.

In the final game of the night, J & B Supply defeated the B-Boys, 77-59.

Ocotber 17

In the opening game of the night, Steve Kriczky's 29 points led Tim's Ugly Mug to a 94-90 victory over J & B Supply. Chris Talley netted 30 points for J & B Supply.

JD Sport was able to down Maximum Security, 75-60. Dan Sekulski scored 17 for the winners and Phillip White has 17 for Maximum Security.

October 22

The Birdsboro Sportsman's Club opened the night with a 61-58 win over the B-Boys. Tim McGee paced the winners with 18 points while Ryan Phillips canned 24 for the B-Boys.

Thanks to Steve Moyer's 26-point performance, Tim's Ugly Mug defeated Maximum Security, 78-73. Cornell Merrick led Maximum Security with 21 points.

In the third game of the evening, Matt Kurtz scored 40 points to lead J & B Supply by JD Sport, 71-64. Dan Sekulski led JD Sport with 23 points.

The B-Boys were victorious over Tim's Ugly Mug, 76-69. Devon Burgess led the B-Boys with 24 points and George Zook canned 22 for Tim's Ugly Mug.

October 24

In the opening game, J & B Supply downed Maximum Security, 68-63. Mike Todd was high scorer for the winners with 17 points, and Dante Pegram canned 19 for Maximum Security.

Steve Moyer canned 21 points to lead Tim's Ugly Mug over the Birdsboro Sportsman's Club, 81-51.

The league playoffs are underway with games taking place at the Birdsboro Elementary Center starting Monday, October 29,

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