Birdsboro >> Peter Uhniat, a council member, shared a presentation discussing his market plan idea for Birdsboro borough at a recent council meeting.

Council members were pleased and welcoming to Uhniat’s suggestions and ideas.

“Thank you, that was a great presentation,” said Steven Lusky, council member. “I think it’s very important, especially with what we have coming to the borough. The impact from Birdsboro Power — we learned that at any given time there will be 400 to 600 workers here, hopefully, using our facilities and restaurants and we need to be able to market that.”

Uhniat said he hopes to one day discover a brochure highlighting the many attributes of Birdsboro at an airport kiosk. “Nothing would make me happier,” said Uhniat.

Julia Olafson of Boone Area Library approached council members to offer special thanks to the borough for their help with the Duck Derby on Saturday, May 7. Cindy McGee, vice president, later shared that Parks and Recreation earned over $800 in profits from the event.

Brian Boyer, an engineer for Birdsboro borough, informed council members of an open bid received for a paving project. The project is set to encompass Hopewell Street and Silver Brook Drive. The bid incorporates two options. Option one calls for a 5 1/2 inch of asphalt that would cost $254,565. Option two calls for a three-inch asphalt, which would cost $195,372.

Council members approved a motion to go with option one for Hopewell Street and option two for Silver Brook Drive, with a one-inch reveal if possible.

Lusky said groundbreaking for Birdsboro Power will take place in November with settlement occurring in June. He also announced the approval of a Wine and Spirits store which will open by the end of the year next to Boyer’s Food Markets.

Birdsboro VFW Post 411 and the American Legion of Birdsboro presents the 94th annual Memorial Day Parade starting at 9 a.m. at Beacon Container on Monday, May 30.

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