Birdsboro >> Peter Uhniat knows there’s more to being a district justice than sitting behind a desk.

That’s exactly why he decided to run for the position in the upcoming primary.

Uhniat, 69, of Birsboro is challenging current District Justice David Glass for the seat in District 23-3-1. The district includes the areas of Birdsboro, Brecknock, Caernarvon, New Morgan, Robeson and Union townships. Glass is seeking a third term as judge for the district.

“I am proactive and an innovator in every position I hold or have held. These are skills essential for a district judge,” said Uhniat.

Uhniat, who has been a resident of Birdsboro for 29 years, earned a bachelor’s degree from Penn State Harrisburg in 1970 and is a candidate for a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Penn State. He also brings with him 14 years of experience with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, as well as 14 years of corporate experience with Verizon Wireless, four years with Vanguard Mutual Funds and five and a half years working with Samsung Mobile.

“I have been successful in my 45 years in positions in government, corporate and private businesses,” said Uhniat. “My work in marketing and management prepared me to quickly analyze people and situations, and quickly and correctly implement solutions. My experience in customer facing positions has made me a good judge of people.”

In addition to Uhniat’s work experience, he is also an Eagle Scout and has been a Birdsboro Borough Council member for about a year and a half. He also served as a member of the Birdsboro Planning Commission from 1999 to 2016.

“I’ve been on borough council for about a year and a half. I was asked by many members of the community to run to bring back respect for the office to the community, bring back respect to the citizens of the community and to be there to work with the community rather than against it,” he said on why he decided to run.

Uhniat added that he hopes to become more involved with community organizations if he is elected.

“I want to be more proactive than just sitting in the office. I want to reach out to community organizations and let them know what the office can do for them,” he said. “I want people to know that we’re not something that needs to be feared. So the community can rest assured they will be safe, and we will do the proper thing like support the police in cases and be sympathetic to citizens when they need to be listened to.”

In order to run for a position as district justice, a candidate must be a local resident for at least one year, be no younger than 21 and no older than 70. Candidates must be a state bar member or complete a training course and pass an exam upon election if they are not a bar member.

District judges serve a six-year term and are paid $88, 290 annually. The primary will take place on May 16.

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