“I hope everyone here can obtain the same age as I have,” said Charles Weller as he prepared to blow out his birthday candles. He has just turned 100 years old.

Charles D. Weller, born in Boyertown and current Lower Pottsgrove resident, turned 100 on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Friends and family gathered at the The Center at Spring Street in Boyertown to celebrate the milestone occasion with him.

Lori Bernhard, Director The Center at Spring Street, said about 160 people were in attendance for the celebration.

“He is a wonderful man. This is an indication of how loved he is,” said Bernhard. She explained how Weller lives independently and is an active member of The Center on Spring Street, attending almost every day.

“It’s just remarkable,” said Weller about the celebration. “We have some nice people here.”

Weller lived in Boyertown for more than 20 years; he is a 1934 graduate of Boyertown Senior High School in 1934. After high school, he went on to attend business school and from 1942-1946 he served in the Army and Air Force. He achieved the rank of captain. He married his late wife, Mildred, in 1941, They had one son, David, and now have two grandchildren.

Weller worked as a photographer for the Boyertown Casket Company for over 50 years and also photographed special events such as weddings. Several people attending the birthday celebration had their wedding photos done by Weller.

He said he has been coming to The Center since his wife died in 2012. He enjoys coming to the facility to visit with the people.

“I’m still driving. I drive over here every day. It’s a wonderful place,” said Weller. “I don’t really participate in any of the activities; there is a lot here to do. I like the people.”

PA State Rep. Tom Quigley and Robert Smith from Senator John Rafferty, Jr.’s office attended to each present Weller with an honorary citation.

Quigley said this is one of the aspects of his job he enjoys the most — being able to come out and celebrate occasions such as these. “In our society today, we need to look and celebrate these types of events and look back at the history of a man like Charlie Weller,” said Quigley. “We can’t overlook his service to our country in World War II.”

Quigley said he salutes Weller for his service and his longevity.

He continued, “I’ve been to a few of these celebrations over the years, and I have to say — Charlie, you’re the spryest 100 year old I’ve met.”

Todd Reinert of the Berks County Area Agency on Aging also joined the celebration and invited Weller to an upcoming luncheon for centenarians. Reinert said this was the first celebration of it’s kind at The Center on Spring Street.

“It’s quite an accomplishment to receive the centenarian label,” said Reinert to Weller, adding how it’s an honor to be a part of the celebration.

To highlight the year Weller was born, Bernhard shared various “fun facts” about the year 1917. She said the cost of a new car was $400 and a loaf of bread was 9 cents; inventions at that time included Girl Scout cookies, an electric hand drill, hybrid corn, and All Star shoes.

Bernhard presented Weller with a lifetime membership to The Center. Weller was presented with a cake and the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to him.

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