On Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, Boy Scouts from Blandon Troop 183 went to Camp Lily on Mt. Penn in Reading to participate in Matthew Leibman’s Eagle Scout Project.

Matthew Leibman, a life rank scout, planned, developed and provided leadership for the event. He enlisted the help of current and former scouts Derrick S., Matthew B., Christopher G., Dustin C., Logan C., Samuel G., Nicholas H., Jonathan H., Niko T., Matthew R. and Justin K. Adult Scouters and his parents provided comfort and support per B.S.A. safety requirements.

The project goal was to demolish an existing sandbox that was in bad condition and to replace it with a new sandox, especially accessible to children with disabilities.

This was made possible by building a raised “sand table” on the end of the new sandbox. Children in wheelchairs will be able to simply roll under the sand table, thus avoiding the need to leave their chairs.

The table took considerable time to construct, as it had to be both sturdy and safe. Concrete was used to ensure its stability.

Benches were installed on the sides of the traditional, ground-level sandbox. The sandbox was constructed entirely on site, and each participant completed many tasks that included removing a large plant found growing in the center of the old sandbox, removing old sand and dirt and hauling it away, digging holes for new support posts and concreting them in place and squaring, leveling and fastening the sides of the new box together.

This project was undertaken to benefit Camp Lily and also to allow the kids that attend camp there to have a usable sandbox again. It was the last requirement Matt needed to complete his Eagle Scout award.

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