AMITY >> The Daniel Boone Area School District is considering disciplinary action involving a partisan election video that was created by several Daniel Boone High School students on high school premises.

The incident did not receive the anticipated disciplinary action posted by unknown persons on Facebook.

“Someone started a rumor that they (the students) were disciplined and told to apologize to the board,” board President Richard Martino said at Monday’s school board meeting. “That did not happen,” adding that a forced apology is meaningless.

He said the online video was filmed in the high school and involved “multiple students” holding placards that stated “students matter.” The video was posted online last month ini anticipation of the Nov. 3 General Election, which featured a contested race for a school board seat.

“The students were questioned and an investigation is underway into violation of use of school policy that states, “The use of school facilities shall not be granted for partisan political activity, private social functions, church services or any purpose which is prohibited by law.”

The video specifically supported candidates Jeffrey C. Scott and Dane A. Ochis-O’Neil.

The students also violated the “buildings and grounds regulations” contained in the Daniel Boone High School Student Handbook, which prohibit unauthorized people to be in the building after school hours, “unless under the direct supervision of a member of the faculty.”

He said the board and administration want to know what district employees assisted the students and were involved in the creation of the video.

Incumbent board member Andrew Basile lost to challenger Ochis-O’Neil in the Nov. 3 election. Scott ran unopposed.

In other business at Monday’s meeting, new Superintendent James P. Harris Jr. told the board he has enjoyed visiting the district’s school buildings since starting his new job on Nov. 1.

“I’ve tried not to be too disruptive, but am peeking in doors and windows,” Harris said of his first week visiting classrooms in the High School.

He is now visiting classrooms at the Daniel Boone Middle School.

“Thank you to everyone for being so nice and gracious,” said Harris, adding, “I want to meet everyone.”

The board also awarded Basile with the Pennsylvania School Board Association Honor Roll of School Board Service Award for his eight years of service on the board.

Board members also welcomed high school junior Mackenzie Myer as the board’s junior school board member.

Senior Ella Sweet was recognized as returning to the board as its senior school board member.

The board unanimously approved the Nov. 6 resignation of Robert Shannon, the high school’s director of athletics and activities.

Martino said the district will begin a search process to replace Shannon.

The board unanimously approved the appointment of former acting superintendent Robert Hurley as assistant to the superintendent.

It voted 6-1 to appoint Director of Elementary Curriculum Mary Beth Kiesel as the new director of elementary education.

Member David Rathgeb opposed the motion. Board members Connor Kurtz and Brian Doty were absent from the meeting.

The board also unanimously approved the two new job descriptions.

Martino said Hurley will focus on academics.

Kiesel will report to Hurley and will be in charge of the elementary buildings and serve as a liaison between building principals, teachers, and staff.

Martino agreed with elementary teacher Robert Pennington that the board will “discuss (2016-17) staff furloughs in a timely manner]” in January through March.

“Next year we will determine a (specific) date and (student enrollment) data to be used,” said Martino.

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