Hamburg Borough Manager, Lynda Albright announced that a contractor would be looking at the painted curbs at the intersection of Fourth and State streets to determine the cost of sand blasting the new paint off. After protests from business owners at the loss of parking spaces caused by the extended no parking areas at the intersection, council agreed to remove the paint at a special meeting Sept. 6.Albright did not know how quickly the paint could be removed, but added that the no parking zone at the intersection will be put back to where it was before it was painted.

"We're doing what the business people asked us to do. We're putting things back the way they were," she said.

The borough extended the no parking area at the suggestion of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Albright said Penn DOT intends to do a study on the intersection in the next three years.

North Third Street resident, Danny Williams, thanked council for addressing the issue of debris on his neighbor's porch. Williams had complained to council about trash piling up the porch of 234 N. Third Street at the Aug. 27 meeting. He reported that empty boxes were removed from the porch, and that the property owner placed shutters across the area. He asked council to continue monitoring the borough for trash, and mentioned a few properties on Peach Alley.

"I'm just trying to clean the town up," he said.

Our Town Foundation Program Manager, Deena Kershner suggested council consider drafting ordinances to address vacant and blighted buildings in the borough.

A resident asked for a report on the additional security which was hired this summer to provide additional patrols in the park. Although Albright could not provide specific dollar amounts, she said she thought the move was successful.

"From what I understand, we had very little vandalism down there," she said, indicating that the security company continues to patrol the park.

Council voted to approve the closing of South Fourth Street on Oct. 5, from 5 to 8 p.m., for the Arts Alliance of Our Town Foundation's ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the streetscape project. The ceremony will be held in conjunction with the final art stroll of the season, which will have a Mardi gras and Blues theme.

The next Hamburg Borough Council meeting will be Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m

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