The entry list for the 18th Annual Auto Show sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 163 topped the temperature on the thermometer but fell short of the “Real Feel” heat index of 105 degrees plus.

The event, which was held on Sunday, Aug. 14, at the Perry Township Recreation Area, felt the impact of the unseasonably hot and humid weather but the scouts and volunteers soldiered undaunted and put on the 18th edition of their popular auto show.

The excessive heat had a negative effect on the turnout as many, if not most, of these vehicles do not have air conditioning. The demographics of the car show enthusiasts, myself included, have to be extremely careful with a heat index of more than 105 degrees and unfortunately a good number car enthusiasts passed on this year’s event.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions the scouts and volunteers that man the show kept everything running on schedule as planned and the trophies were awarded right on schedule at 2 p.m. as dark, threatening clouds rolled in from the west.

First, Second and Third Place trophies were awarded in each of the 27 classes. Local winners include Gery Schappell winning 1st Place in Class 18 Street Rods 1937-1948, Kevin Dissinger winning 1st Place in Class 22 Special Interest, Grant Turner winning 2nd Place in Class 18 Street Rods 1937-1948, Dean Loeb winning 3rd Place in Class 1 1900-1932 Stock Original, Laverne Schlenker winning 3rd Place in Class 3 1950-1959 Stock Original, Terry Reber winning 3rd Place in Class 4 1960-1964 Stock Original.

Smokey Bear was on hand with their delicious Beef or Pulled Pork BBQ as was the Angels On Wheels ice cream truck.

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