Dear Editor:Once again the residents of the Boyertown Area School District can be proud of the excellence of their high school music department.

Last Saturday evening a benefit concert, featuring talented performers of all types of music, entertained a large and grateful crowd who appreciate the quality of the musical theatre productions which have now become expected of Boyertown High School.

All of us in attendance gave a standing ovation to all of the many performers who gathered to help Orin Strunk achieve his goal of attending the prestigious Juilliard School even while he is a senior at Boyertown Area High School. Mr. Didyoung and Mrs. Black have earned the admiration and gratitude of the students and their parents for not only producing such professional musical theatre but also for making such a positive impact on the lives of so many high school students.

While Orin Strunk is the latest beneficiary of their dedication and inspiration, which permeates the Boyertown School District music program, all the students who came back for the concert deserve the applause and gratitude of our community. They prove what a wise and essential investment music in our schools can be.

Sincerely, Michael A. O'Pake Senator - 11th District

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