Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service held training for the Lucas 2 Chest Compression System on Thursday, Nov. 19.

The ambulance company used the Assistance to Firefighters Federal Grant to purchase four units plus accessories with a 5-year extended warranty for $66,000. On Dec. 1, after all of the 35 staff members are trained, the units will be in place for use — one in each vehicle.

Chief of Operations Ashley Neubauer and Department Chief Chris Stevens ran training for Boyertown Ambulance and members from neighboring fire departments including Eastern Berks Fire Department, Alsace Manor Fire Company, and New Hanover Fire and Rescue.

The battery operated, portable, automated, chest compression device delivers 30 consistent compressions with a pause for two breaths for about half an hour per battery. Each unit is equipped with two batteries and the apparatus can also be plugged into the vehicle. This machine will limit interruptions and will allow EMTs to work on other things. The units are designed for adults in cardiac arrest where CPR would be administered. The Lucas 2 can be used with a defibrillator and is applied to the patient’s bare chest.

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