For the second year, the Boyertown Area Health & Wellness Expo was held at Morning Star Fellowship in Bechtelsville.

“The Center At Spring Street held the event previously, but now it’s expanded. It’s a huge success,” said Jim Davidheiser of Gerhart, Hartman & Ritner Ltd., one of the organizers and sponsors of the event.

“This is a great event. We had over 1,000 attendees last year and this year is even bigger,” added Lisa Yoder, also of Gerhart, Hartman & Ritner Ltd. 

Attending the expo for the first year, Rosanne Bohner, a Registered Nurse for Tower Health Medical Group, said, “It’s (the Boyertown Area Health & Wellness Expo) is an awesome event. It gives you different aspects of what’s available in the community for our patients.”

With more than 70 exhibitors, the Expo has something for everyone. Breakout demonstrations and seminars throughout the day included Healthy Baking from Frecon Farms, Estate planning from Roland | Rick | Stock Attorneys at Law, and Healthy Weight Loss from Final Results Fitness.

Blood pressure, vision and hearing screenings, "Hands Only" CPR instruction, and thermal scanning were just a few of the offerings.

Michelle Esposito, Zumba Instructor at Boyertown YMCA invited people to come up on stage and try Zumba Gold. The group danced for four songs: "Respect," "Sueltala," "Fireball," and "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

Esposito has been a Zumba teacher for two years and teaches three times a week at the Y. She clarified, ”Zumba Gold is a lower impact class for active, older adults.” Currently, the Y does not offer Zumba Gold, but Esposito said that all of her classes are customizable and attendees can modify movements for their fitness level.

Joyce DeFrancesco, 71, of New Hanover, tried Zumba Gold for the first time. She said, “I loved it. You have to use your brain. I felt like the Hulk.”

Dr. Connor McCormick of McCorminc Chiropractic, used a Thermographic device to scan necks (or other body parts) as an "objective indicator."

“Thermography detects heat differentials in area scanned. When the nervous system, which controls everything, isn’t firing properly or optimally it might show on the scan. We find the cause, not just the symptom of the pain,” said McCormick.

One of the speakers, Fran Mahalak of Fredrick Living, encouraged everyone to “move every 30 minutes. Get up and move around — even when watching TV. The more you sit, the more your body tightens and it gets harder to move.”

Director of EMS Jeff Knopf and Paramedic Alexa Prince of Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service distributed 80 “Hands Only” CPR anytime kits.

The American Heart Association, CPR Anytime Training Kits teach lifesaving skills in 20 minutes. Each kit includes a Mini Anne Learning Manikin and Spare Lung, CPR Skills Practice DVD, Manikin Wipes, and directions.

“Thanks to a state grant, these CPR Anytime kits are being distributed all over Pennsylvania,” said Knopf.

Prince joked you don’t get a CPR certificate with the kit but, “You don’t need a certificate to save a life.”

“Looks can be deceiving when healthy cooking; sometimes what looks good doesn’t taste the best,” said Holly Haas, the executive pastry chef at Frecon Farms.

She offered several tips to to help in healthy baking: swap ¾ cup of applesauce for 1 cup of oil, Greek Yogurt or Avocado Oil can be used instead of fat in a recipe, always use fresh fruit instead of frozen because frozen will add extra water to your batter, Maple Syrup can be used instead of white sugar, and bananas can be an oil substitute.

The Expo concluded with the most popular offering of the day, an “Elvis Concert Tribute” by Jeff Krick.

In closing, Davidheiser promised, “Next year’s (Expo) will be even better.”

2020’s Health & Wellness Expo date is set for May 14, 2020.

Net proceeds for the EXPO will benefit the Center At Spring Street programs at Boyertown Area Multi-Service.

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