The U12 Boyertown Bears travel soccer team recently traveled to Cape May County to participate in the 15th Annual George Pratt Memorial Soccer Tournament. Cape Express Soccer Club hosted the tournament and approximately 312 teams participated in the event.This was the second year the team participated in the tournament in the Cape May area.

Boyertown's first game was against the Horsham Hurricanes. The game was delayed due to heavy fog. Once the fog lifted, the game started with the Bears' front line taking control by scoring the first of their two goals. However, Horsham quickly came back to end the game tied at 2-2.

The second game played was against another Pennsylvania team, Buckingham United Fusion. The Bears won that game, 3-0.

The win against Buckingham brought the team to the first seed position in the U12 PSV division.

Mother Nature took command Sunday morning, giving all the soccer players great weather, while the Bears took command of the soccer field.

Once again Boyertown was to meet another local team, the West-Mont United Shockers. The Bears ended this game with a 3-0 win, taking them to the finals to be played later that day.

In the championship game, the Bears once again took on Horsham, the team they tied a day earlier.

The Bears had another chance to defeat Horsham and they made the most of that chand. This game proved challenging for both teams. The Bears' strikers, Tyler Bauman, Tyler Comport, Wesley Fox, Kyle Nickerle, Shane Simpson and Bradley Strouse proved to be a challenge for the Hurricanes' defense with their excellent crosses and strong shots on goal.

Midfielders, Andy Beaver, Dom Genuario, Cody Orff and Nick Savino kept the pressure against their opponent and used their strong ball handling skills to advance up the field.

The Hurricanes struggled to get past the Bears' strong defensive players, Ryan Carroll, Drew Freed, Jake McAuley, Tyler Snyder, Tyler Werner and goalie Harry Ream.

The defense was a strong wall and did an excellent job of clearing the ball and passing it to their teammates. It all resulted in a 3-2 victory for Boyertown.

Head Coach Ryan Fox and his assistant coaches, Charlie Beaver, Jim Comport and Kevin Nickerle, did allow for some boardwalk fun and games.

Coach Fox currently has the team participating in the Delco League. The team has also represented the soccer club in four tournaments this season.

Although the team took first place in 2006 at the Warrington Summer Classic, they placed second in this year's tournament. The Bears are planning one more tournament for the fall season.

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