Volunteers of the Year were recognized in Boyertown on Feb. 17.

Eighty-four planters. It seems like a lot, but when a community comes together to make something beautiful, it’s nothing at all.

Over the last year, Building A Better Boyertown has seen a huge investment of time and commitment in our town. Lead by Charles Haddad in honor of his wife, Mary Lou, we have seen an investment of over 8,834 volunteer hours, and over $13,000 in order to make these incredible Victorian planters beautiful during the summer and winter months.

Originally, the project started with only 20 planters, which grew to 62, and this year to 84. Proudly lining our downtown, planted beautifully by Levengood’s Flowers Inc. a locally owned and operated gardening center, these 84 planters have become a source of pride.

The planters are black, concrete urns which require daily watering. On hot, sunny days, it does not take long for the soil within the planters to dry out and need care. Knowing this, the Planter Committee and board members reached out to our local businesses with a plea for help.

Overwhelmingly, 41 businesses came to our aid and promised to water the plants every day they were open, and a team of volunteers lead by Roger Lehman picked up where they left off on the weekends. Two water buggies were purchased with the help of the borough and valued at around $5,000 for the pair. They hold 55 gallons of water each and make the job a little easier for the volunteers.

Every time our staff and volunteers are out in the community, we are delighted by the joy that these planters have brought to our town. This project was begun to honor an incredible wife, mother, friend and community member, and her wish to bring beauty into the world brought a clarity of intention to the downtown, enjoyed by all.

For more information about available properties and other Boyertown activities please visit www.boyertownpa.org or contact the office at 610-369-3054. If you’d like to volunteer for an event in downtown Boyertown call 610-369-3054.


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