Boyertown Junior Woman’s Club donates $8,200 to Boyertown Community Library

Boyertown Junior Woman’s Club members present check in the amount of $8,200 to Boyertown Community Library. From left to right: Debbie Brumbach, BJWC member; Bridgit Petrauskas, BJWC Vice President; Susan Lopez, Boyertown Community Library Director; Judy Wetzel, BJWC President.

Members of the Boyertown Junior Woman’s Club recently presented a check in the amount of $8,200 to Susan Lopez, director of the Boyertown Community Library.

The Junior Woman’s Club’s donation was made possible because of the success of their Girls’ Night Out Basket Raffle which was held on March 19 and 20 at Boyertown Community Library. 

Lopez shared her excitement and recognized the donation as a tangible sign of both the Junior Woman’s Club's support of their mission and of the Club’s participation in the community. The donated funds will be used to purchase new outdoor book returns. 

Bridgit Petrauskas, BJWC vice president and basket raffle chair, spoke of the event saying, “Despite COVID, we had a very successful 4th annual Girls’ Night Out Basket Raffle."

There were 114 donated baskets and five Grand Prize baskets.

"We are so proud to be able to make such a significant donation to Boyertown Community Library, our main benefactor for 2021." 

This event is the Junior Woman’s Club's largest and most popular fundraiser with more than 240 attendees over the two-day span. This year’s profit was more than $11,500.

After the donation to Boyertown Community Library, the remaining funds will be donated to other local community organizations.

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