Boyertown First Aid

Left to right, Front Row: Boyertown Mayor, Marianne Deery; Boyertown Community Ambulance Director of EMS, Jeff Knopf; Boyertown Community Ambulance President, Amy Muzopappa; Lt. Joe Smith, Lt. Becky Smith, senior pastors for Boyertown Salvation Army.

Left to right, Back Row: Boyertown Community Ambulance Board Members; Melanie Roth, Rick Wrisley; Boyertown Community Ambulance Deputy Chief, Tim Sullivan.

On Thursday, April 25, Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance provided complimentary First Aid and CPR training to leadership and volunteers from the Boyertown Salvation Army.

“After nearly a year of planning and grant writing, the team was excited to finally be presenting an AED to the Boyertown Area Salvation Army, as well as providing training to their leadership team and staff,” said Amy Muzopappa, president of the ambulance service. She went on to include that the AED was generously donated by a member of the community who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Boyertown Salvation Army is on the front lines of service to the community every day, helping those in need since 1958. The number of visitors to their facility is almost 20,000 annually, but their reach far exceeds that. They provide daily hot meals, a weekly food pantry for needy families and social service programs. They also host children's programs, including weekly teen clubs and a children's music academy. Additionally, their Emergency Response Program includes a service truck that responds to emergency and disaster events such as fires or flooding. This mobile resource truck provides hot meals and water to first responders on the scene, as well as displaced residents.

Each program at the Salvation Army relies upon the efforts of well-trained staff and volunteers to ensure that those in need are served and supported to the best of everyone’s ability. The availability of an on-site AED, combined with staff that are trained in administration of first aid and CPR provides a tremendous opportunity to better equip those serving.

Boyertown Mayor, Marianne Deery, summarized the partnership perfectly, when she said, “There is no doubt that the Boyertown area is indebted to Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service and the Boyertown Area Salvation Army for their caring service and humanitarian aid.”


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