Cat Angel: Gracie would be a great addition to your home

Cat angel Gracie

Gracie, a beautiful and charming black and white lady, was born 11/10/05, but she thinks she's still a kitten. Her favorite greeting when you enter the room is to roll over on her back and wave her four little paws in the air at you. That means, 'I'm glad to see you and I'd love to have your attention as soon as possible!'

Gracie was living outside for a while when one day a nice lady took her and let her live in her furniture store in Norristown. She was very good to Gracie and wanted her to have a loving forever home where she would be treated like the princess she is. Gracie is very sweet and, like all girls, she likes to talk a lot, too. Gracie is the feline counterpart of one of those established movie stars who just absolutely knows she will be beautiful and desired forever. She gets along well with other kitties, but wouldn't mind being your only girl.

Gracie is spayed, tested negative for FIV/FeLV and is current on all required vaccinations.

Please consider welcoming this angel into your home by visiting the website

The Cat Angel Network was founded in 1996 and is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3), no-kill cat rescue organization.

The group relies on nominal adoption fees and donations to fund its efforts.

Donations may be mailed to: Cat Angel Network, P.O. Box 3071, Stowe, PA 19464 or at

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