Staff and family members gathered to recognize residents of Chestnut Knoll Personal Care and Memory Care, who participate in the senior community’s FOX Optimal Living Program by FOX Rehabilitation, during an annual awards ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Participants were recognized for their dedication, commitment and achievements within Chestnut Knoll’s FOX Optimal Living program. The highest honor, the Dene Liott Award, was given to resident Maefern Houck, for her exceptional strength of character and determination throughout the program.

The Dene Liott Award is named in honor of the Pottstown resident and longtime advocate for seniors and caregiver awareness. She credits HealthSouth, Chestnut Knoll and FOX Rehabilitation, for helping her return to her TV show “What’s Happening” on PCTV, after she experienced a stroke.

“I am grateful to be here,” said Houck. “I am always reminded how blessed I am.”

Houck, 90, formerly ran The Boyertown Inn alongside her late husband, Richard. When Chestnut Knoll opened in 2000, Houck gathered a group of volunteers from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Boyertown, where she is a member, to form a weekly church service at the senior community, which is still running today.

When the time came that Houck needed to move to a senior community to receive supportive care services, she knew right away Chestnut Knoll was the place for her to call home.

At Chestnut Knoll, she began to focus on her physical wellbeing by joining the FOX Optimal Living Program. To help with her goal and increase her endurance, Houck began a 1-on-1 regimen using the occupational and physical therapy services available at Chestnut Knoll.

Through her hard-work and dedication she has exceeded the recommended 120 minutes of balance training per week for adults as set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

“I always tell people, no one is old, they are that age young!” said Houck.

Jodie Daniels, assistant executive director at Chestnut Knoll, has always been impressed with Houck.

“Not only is Maefern a beloved figure within the Boyertown community, but she is also one at Chestnut Knoll. Her unwavering dedication, perseverance and humility deserve to be recognized,” said Daniels.

Chestnut Knoll has offered FOX Rehabilitation wellness services since 2013. The FOX Optimal Living program reinvents rehabilitation and is designed to enhance physical and emotional well-being through exercises and wellness services to promote better living, longevity, spirit and dignity. Chestnut Knoll residents are assessed on admission followed by every three months, and average 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.

Residents in Personal Care and Memory Care are also recognized throughout the year with a Spotlight Award for demonstration of improved functional independence, and an ongoing dedication to their overall health and wellness. The 2018 recipients included Maefern Houck, Eleanor Leville, Emil Schultheisz, Ginny Snyder, David Gregory, Jean Mills and Nancy Gambler.

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