Robert Picardo, the beloved holographic doctor of "Star Trek: Voyager," has agreed to join the cast of indie feature film "Dust Nuggest." He will be playing the role of Ivan.

In addition to his Star Trek role, other characters Picardo is known for include Dr. Dick Richards on ABC's "China Beach;" the cowboy in "Innerspace," Coach Cutlip on "The Wonder Years," where he received an Emmy nomination; Ben Wheeler in "Wagons East," and as Richard Woolsey in the Stargate television franchise. Picardo is also a member of the board of directors of The Planetary Society.

"Dust Nuggest" is very much grounded on Earth, but its surrealistic aspects will give it an unworldly feel that Trekkie fans of Picardo will enjoy. “We’re working with metaphors involving flight and the heavens,” filmmaker Sue Lange asserts. “Robert Picardo is a good fit for the ethereal nature of this film.”

The story centers on KK Colson, manager of the Dust Nuggets band. She’s in a coma and dreaming the film’s narrative about her life with the band. There are leaps of fancy interspersed with flashbacks of reality, much like what happens in an actual dream.

Also joining the film’s cast is Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts who is best known for his roles in such films as "Dark Night," "Inherent Vice," and "Pope of Greenwich Village," and the television series "Less Than Perfect," "Suits," and "Heroes." He was nominated for Golden Globes for the films "King of the Gypsies" and Bob Fosse’s "Star 80." He was nominated for an Academy Award for "Runaway Train."

Principal photography for "Dust Nuggets began in March and will finish in June. Shooting will take place in southeast Pennsylvania, mostly in Berks County in and around Reading.

A Schott Productions film, "Dust Nuggets" is the first feature-length project by filmmakers Lange and Andrew Pochan. Previously the team produced a three-episode web-series and two award-winning shorts: "A Perfect You," and "Traffic Opera." As with the previous films, Tracy Schott is on board "Dust Nuggets" as executive producer.

Both the previous films are lighthearted comedies. While "Dust Nuggets" has comedic elements, it is mostly an artistic drama along the lines of David Lynch or Christopher Nolan and is told from the point of view of the main character as she lies in a coma following a drug overdose.

The film was green-lit after the team received a Berks County Community Fund Rural Arts Grant. The film will be shot at over 10 locations across the Berks County region and feature approximately 100 locals as principal actors and extras. The region is financially depressed and it is hoped that bringing films to the area will inject money into the local economy.

Follow the film on Facebook at dustnuggets1 for details on progress and how to get involved. More information on the film can be found at: or contact the filmmakers directly at

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